Why It’s Best to Let Someone Else Handle Your Waste Department

Waste expenses can be a handful, especially for large portfolios. There are several factors that cause hardships on companies caused by waste departments and expenses. These factors range from the obvious high waste hauler rates, to extra fees and charges, and to contract confusion. According to our clients, the best thing to do is let a waste consultant come in and help reconcile the waste department. 

Many waste consultants are more successful at lowering rates, than in house waste departments. This is due to the fact that if you are not deeply knowledgeable about the details in the hauling industry, it is impossible to know the right questions to ask to get the pricing reduced appropriately. And, frankly if you could do lower your rates yourself, you would already have done it! Some of our current clients invested huge amounts of time in an attempt to “operate on themselves” and were able to negotiate some price reductions with the haulers, but nowhere near our average savings rates of 30% to 50% portfolio wide. Just like how you wouldn’t use the receptionist to negotiate the purchase or sale of a portfolio just to avoid the commissions, you shouldn’t attempt to become an expert in waste hauling and recycling, when we will do it for you and only share in the success of the program.

Another problem companies face is fear of loss of control, but with Refuse Specialists’ very unique service, we simply act as your agent to renegotiate your contracts and then monitor your invoices. Your company will still have a direct relationship with your waste haulers, in addition to having the experts at RS watching your pricing and service levels. You still have complete control over your waste hauling services, because you sign the new waste hauling contracts under the property name. This allows you to call your hauler at any time if a problem arises, however we are also available to help with any problems, it’s up to you who you would like to call first.

The decision to hand a department to another company can be a difficult one. And we fully understand weighing your options. But, with Refuse Specialists there is no need to worry about loss of control, and hiring us to handle your waste department comes at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Refuse Specialists does not have any up-front costs or fees, we simply share in the savings we create for your properties. This equates to less work on your part, and extra money in your bank, what more could you ask for? Contact us for more information or for a personalized quote!