How to avoid the biggest problems with waste hauling expenses.

Every year or so, depending on your contract, you have to resign your Terms & Agreements with your waste hauler.  And with every new contract your rates increase.  Now, this isn’t just with waste haulers, it’s with all service providers.  But we have identified the problem to the increasing waste hauling rates, and hold an easy solution to stop increasing costs, and increase your bottom line.

Have you ever checked your waste hauling invoices line by line?  Well, you should.  Your invoices can have extra charges and fees, or overcharges causing your waste hauling expenses to increase 8-30% each year, on top of your yearly increases.

Waste haulers get away with this due to the language they use in their Terms & Agreements under section 4. CHARGES; PAYMENTS; ADJUSTMENTS.

This section allows the Hauler to increase, or add charges and fees at their convenience in order to increase their profit.  Refuse Specialists has identified several ways to avoid these extra charges and fees that are added to customer invoices.

First and foremost, our secret weapon against added charges is our proprietary invoice auditing software.  This half a million-dollar software allows us to check all of our customer’s invoices each and every month.  Our software scans each invoice line by line to catch the smallest mistakes.  This software won’t even let an extra penny slip by on an invoice.  This means that our customer’s invoices are accurate 100% of the time, bypassing any extra charges and fees outlined in Section 4 of the hauler’s Terms & Agreements.

Not only do we cut the increases with our invoice auditing software, we are able to increase the contract term length, and minimize yearly increases.  Keeping your costs at a minimum for a length of at least 5 years.

At RS, we help you avoid hauler increases, and keep your costs down.