8 things your boss wants you to know about waste hauling expenses!



Waste hauling expenses can be a very difficult to manage. There are several facets of waste-hauling expenses that a company must focus on in order to have a successful in-house waste-hauling department. These tasks range from a monthly audit, keeping contracts in order, monitoring rates, and much more. Waste expenses require constant attention. Most companies require their own waste-hauling department, in order to keep their waste hauling expenses in order.


Recently, we have realized that many people handling their company’s waste-hauling departments are unaware of several very important facts about waste haulers, and the waste hauling industry. Due to this fact, we have decided to assist companies everywhere by providing a list that we believe all bosses would like their employees handling their waste hauling expenses to know. Below is our list of 8 things we believe your boss wants you to know about waste hauling expenses


  1. Some fees are not necessary.

  2. The longer the contract, the longer your rates are locked in.

  3. Your invoices NEED to be audited.

  4. Added unknown charges are common finds on waste hauler invoices.

  5. All of the gifts your waste hauler rep gives you aren’t free. You are paying for them in your rates.

  6. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of the waste-hauling industry, you shouldn’t handle the waste hauling expenses.

  7. It might be best to outsource your waste-hauling department.

  8. Not all waste brokers are transparent.

If any of the items on the list are new information to you and your company, it might be time to look into out sourcing your waste department. If you do not have a handle on your company’s waste hauling expenses, your costs could be increasing up to 30% each year. Hiring a waste consultant will require less work for your company, as well as save you time and money.


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