10 signs that your company should work with a waste consultant.

Waste haulers have a knack for complicating their customer invoices and contracts. If you don’t pay very close attention to your invoices, you will have an excess amount of overcharges, and rate increases. Waste hauling expenses can cost a company up to 30% more than expected each year if your invoices are not monitored.

Waste hauling expenses require an immense amount of know how for anyone managing waste hauling expenses for a company. If your company wants to get the best rates, and maintain those rates you must have a solid foundation of waste industry knowledge, as well as enough time to ensure the waste hauling company is honoring those rates.

We realize how much property managers, and operations managers have on their plate, most of the time they do not have enough hours in their day to get their work load complete, let alone pay attention to every hauler invoice and contract. We have completed a small study in order to determine the top 10 signs a company should look for to decide if they need to hire in a waste consultant. 

  1. Your invoices are not consistent.
  2. Your contracts constantly auto-renew.
  3. You find unknown charges and fees on your invoices.
  4. No one is monitoring your waste-hauling invoices.
  5. You don’t audit your invoices.
  6. Your rates increase more than 3% each year.
  7. Your contract term is only 12 months long.
  8. You aren’t sure if the container sizes on your property are they right sizes.
  9. Nobody in your company has knowledge or experience in the waste hauling industry.
  10. Your company lacks a waste-hauling department.

If your company displays any of these signs, it might be time to look into a waste consultant. The sooner you invest in a waste hauling consultant the sooner your waste department is in line, professionally maintained, and saving money.

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